The Heart of the Revolution

If one looks with a discerning eye, one must come to the irrefutable conclusion that the arch of history bends towards truth. And that truth has always been contested and fought for until the great mass of people is pulled across the tide kicking and screaming. And what is this inevitable truth towards which we march? That all men and women are deserving of a dignity that is far greater than even the most enlightened modern mind can grasp. And every justification one makes in defense of the contrary is the dying cry of an old tale whose wretched roots have buried themselves in the cold hearts of men. Hearts that have misunderstood pride for truth and ignorance for knowledge, that look to brick and mortar and cold calculated rationalization as their battlefield, ignorant that the true battlefield was always in the lonely chambers of their own calcified hearts.

The long and treacherous march towards this truth, which began from the beginning that has no beginning, shall never cease. And we shall sing that wondrous melody until every withering heart will cry out in great despair for having failed to realize that what they resisted was also the key to their own salvation.

© 2020 Ramin Gillett

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