On War

Beware, beware of the conquerers. 
But also of the conquered,
and the blood that still stains our streets. 

Do you remember Germany 
after World War I,
after the Cold War, 
the South 
after the Civil War?

Some arguments never die, 
but are reborn and recast 
with new actors
playing the same part,
using the same old script. 

I don’t want your outworn ideas;
tell me something new.

Tell me you feel my child’s heartbeat,
as he lies here dying 
because you loved the play 
more than beauty itself. 

Tell me you made the bullets
the tanks, and the bombs
knowing that this day would finally come, 
that we would pay the price 
for the war inside you. 

Give me a different ending. 
Tell me a new play.

© Ramin Gillett

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